Everything You Need To Know About L’Atelier Cigars


Smoking cigars is a joy because you never know what new cigar you are going to find. There is always something exciting on the horizon and it is an accomplishment when you find something new and exciting to smoke. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smoking a L’Atelier Cigar, now might be the right time to start. Read on to learn more about what L’Atelier Cigars have to offer.

L’Atelier Cigars are blended by Pete Johnson and hand crafted. They look great and are wrapped in an Ecuadoran wrapper that has a rich, earthy aroma. Inside the cigars are Nicaraguan fillers and the whole cigar is topped off with a pigtail cap. The taste of the cigars is impressive and and full bodied. You will taste notes of dried fruit, spice, and earth in each draw. L’Atelier Cigars consistently get high reviews due to their nuanced taste and beautiful balance.

L’Atelier Cigars are fairly new and the company was created in 2012. The cigars are blended by the Garcia family and they are premium cigars on every level except for the price. The cigars are hand rolled in Nicaragua and they were the first cigar to use the Sancti Spiritus wrapper. The filler tobaccos are all chosen to complement this special wrapper. You won’t find any meek cigars in this line, they range from medium to full bodied.

Pete Johnson designed the line so it would have an affordable price point of around $10. He also wanted the tobacco to be well aged with complex flavors and a Cuban feel. As the cigars are so popular, they can sometimes be hard to find. People are always shocked by the depth of flavor that these cigars possess.

You can taste the depth before you even light the cigar. On the cold draw you notice citrus with some floral notes. Once you light the cigar, you notice nuts, coffee and dark chocolate. It has a slow build and the flavor stays even and tasty during the entire smoking experience.

When you are ready to choose your L’Atelier Cigar there are some things you need to look for. Check the wrapper carefully before you buy it. You want the wrapper to look oily and it should be all one color. You don’t want the wrapper to be mottled or spotty in any way.

Check the wrapper carefully for tears and feel it to make sure the cigar isn’t crumbly or dry. It is important that the store keeps their cigars properly hydrated because if they don’t, they won’t burn right and the flavor will be messed up. You also want to feel the cigar if you can and make sure that it feels plump and solid. If the cigar meets your expectations, you are ready to start smoking it.

There is much more to smoking a cigar than holding it to your lips and lighting it. There is a whole ritual that must be followed if you want to get the most enjoyment out of your cigar. The first thing you want to do is smell the cigar. See what flavors you can detect just by smelling it.

Next you are going to slit the cap and give it a cold draw to make sure the air can flow through it. Again, take note of what flavors you detect. Is it spice, chocolate, leather, or perhaps earth?Now you are ready to light your cigar. Cardboard matches give off fumes that can negatively affect the taste of your cigar so don’t use them. Stick to butane lighters or wood matches because they won’t affect the taste.

Light the foot of the cigar first and slowly rotate the cigar to light it evenly. Gently inhale as you do so. Don’t rush through your cigar once it is lit. Smoke it slowly and savor each draw. Take note of how the flavors progress as you smoke the cigar. The more you smoke the more refined your palate will become.

Smoking cigars is an art and L’Atelier Cigars will help you advance your cigar smoking skills. Learn from the best and enjoy a cigar that is full of flavor.

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All About CAO Cigars

Have you ever heard of CAO cigars? They are a well-known cigar brand that has been producing quality cigars for over a decade. These are from Nicaragua, full spectrum cigars that have unique flavors and compositions, something that only seasoned cigar companies typically produce. Considered by many to possess some of the top premium tobacco crops that are grown, representing some of the highest quality natural extract used in the industry, this company out of Nashville Tennessee, abandoning their once popular humidor products, has become a leader in the cigar industry.

From Pipe Tobacco To Cigars

Going from a company that created pipe tobacco to a business that is able to roll cigars, ones that have become so popular, is no easy feat to accomplish. It took quite a bit of planning, not to mention ingenuity on the part of the owners, as they envisioned the steps they would have to take. Having released so many cigars on the market in just 10 short years, all of which possess top ratings, it’s hard to believe where this company was, and where it is now, plus its stellar reputation.

Top Rated Cigars You Will Enjoy

Since switching over from pipe tobacco and humidors to the creation of cigars, CAO Cigars  now have over 90 rated cigars that are always a topic of discussion. The goal is to always be different, producing some of the most unique blends for all of the cigars that they make. Whether you try their Extreme, Flathead or Flavours cigars, which range from a mild to full flavor, they use a wide variety of wrapper leaves including Ecuador Habano, Ligero, Connecticut Broadleaf, Cameroon and those from Nicaragua. There cigars are produced in Nicaragua, but the cigarillos from the CAO Flavours originate from the Dominican Republic. They come in many different sizes including Churchill, Toro, Robusto, Corona and Gordo to name a few.

Why CAO Reigns Supreme

When you visit the many cigar shops in your city, or when you go online to look at the e-commerce stores that sell thousands of cigars every day, the feedback and testimonials that you will find from customers that have tried and reordered CAO cigars really says it all. Despite the fact that this company is relatively new, and comes from a history of selling pipe tobacco, they have somehow moved right into the cigar industry with some of the best cigars on sale today. Those that love Brazilian wrappers, with a full-bodied strength, should certainly try the CAO Brazilia. Are you the type of person that likes something in between? Then the medium strength CAO Black with its Ecuador Connecticut wrapper may soon become your favorite. It’s not just the variety, but the quality of the tobacco that is used, and the way everything comes together. Let’s take a look at the many different CAO cigar lines that are available, showing you just how far this pipe tobacco company has come.

CAO Cigar Lines

CAO has many different product lines, including Brazilia, Concert, Italia, Flathead and Columbia. Their MX2 and Gold cigars are extremely popular, with CAO Gold Maduro cigars being one of their best sellers. In fact, the Gold Maduro Torpedo, Gorda and Robusto rolled in Nicaragua having medium strength, our long filler, reaching 6 1/4 inches, are a favorite with those that absolutely swear by CAO cigars.

Why They Are So Popular

Part of the reason why these cigars are so popular is the way that the tobaccos grown. The leaves are harvested at just the right moment, especially the Connecticut seed which is specifically grown in Ecuadorian soil, creating the combination of binder and filler tobacco that allows for the rich flavor. Many have described the cigars is having a touch of nutmeg, vanilla cream, and even a buttery flavor that truly stands out. Whether you are using cigars that have a mild, medium or a full flavor, you won’t be disappointed with every draw that you take, from beginning to end of a CAO cigar. So now that you know a little bit more about this company, you might not know where to begin. Here is a guideline for those that have never tried CAO cigars before.

Where To Start

There are so many different types of CAO cigars that it’s hard to decide where to begin. For this season’s cigar smoker, it is recommended that you begin with the CAO MX2 series. The reason is that they actually use tobacco from six different countries. Even though these are medium in strength, it is because of the fermented Connecticut maduro broadleaf that provides the wrapper that you will actually think that it is full flavor. It is very intense, but not too strong, and is one of the most popular Maduro cigars sold today. Even if you are a newbie, someone trying to cigars for the very first time, you can’t go wrong with the MX2 series.

Using this brief introduction to the world of CAO cigars, it is clear that they are one of the best. The vast assortment of different types of tobacco, grown in many different countries, allows them to produce so many different types of cigars, each with their own unique flavor. From mild to full flavor, you really can’t go wrong, especially with CAO cigars that use Connecticut Broadleaf. Whether you start with the CAO Flathead, or the CAO VR with their highly coveted Brazilian wrapper leaf, you will definitely be back for more.

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Tips For Controlling Humidity In A Humidor

If you have a humidor, you are going to begin to realize it is not always easy to control the humidity. While, the devices that are being created in this day and age are getting better at automating this process, you still have to keep an eye on the humidor to ensure your cigars don’t end up becoming a ruined collection of rubbish. Therefore, let’s take a look at tips that should help out in the grand scheme of things when it comes to controlling humidity. If you do this, you are going to be more than satisfied at the end of the day.

Continually Refill Unit

If you don’t refill the unit from time to time (sometimes every day) in order to maintain at least a 65% ratio, you are going to get poor results. Always keep an eye on the humidor and how the liquid is being put into the unit. This is the only way to ensure the solution is doing the work for you and that you don’t have to rely on luck in order to get the most out of your cigars. A lot of people do this and they regret the results they get.

Remain Vigilant

It can be as simple as this at times for those who are unsure about what they can do with the humidity in the humidor. If you are able to control the humidity, you will be a person that is remaining on top of things at all times. You need to check every single day as that is the only way to ensure the cigars are not getting ruining and that you can make adjustments along the way without having to do anything drastic. It is when you let the cigars sit for too long that issues can start to pop up.

Check Cigars

It is recommended to always keep checking back on the cigars. What does it mean to go ahead and check the cigars from time to time? This means, you are not only taking a look at them visually, but having a feel and seeing if they are starting to break apart and are becoming too moist. This is the only way to ensure you are getting a lot out of the cigars and the humidity present in the humidor is not overwhelming for the cigars. This can happen a lot when you are not keeping an eye on the cigars and are letting them sit on their own.

It is also important to ensure that you are not only checking on the cigars, but the humidor as well. There are too many people who just take a look at the humidity and nothing else. This might seem like a good idea at first, but you are going to realize the humidor also has a big role to play in the grand scheme of things. Both the humidor and the cigars have an equal role to play and you cannot overlook one of the other and expect to get the results that you had been hoping for.

Understand Environment

The best place to begin would be by understanding the environment that you are in. If you don’t do this, you are always going to be questioning why your cigars are not as good as they should be. If you don’t understand the environment, you are always going to be afraid the cigars are either going to start drying up or are they are going to way too moist. The solution to this is to read the environment where the humidor is placed. In cooler climates, you will have to make sure the liquid is being filled almost every day in order to make sure you are getting a lot out of the humidor.

If you don’t fill in the liquid when it comes to a cooler environment, it might not be able to humidify in a matter that is key. It is essential to pay attention to this as there is nothing worse than having your cigars fall apart because you were not careful with the liquid that was being put into the humidor.

Use the tips that have been pointed out here for controlling humidity with your humidor and watch as those cigars end up becoming better as a whole. You always want the cigars that are present in your collection to remain preserved and to get better with age. The only way to do this is to remain on top of the humidity that is present in your humidor as that is going to play the biggest role at the end of the day with regards to your cigars. If you use these tips in your day-to-day routine, you will be more than happy with the end result.

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New Orleans Plans the Introduction of a Smoking Ban This Spring

In only a couple of months, the majority of New Orleans will become smoke-free (electronic cigarettes will be included in the provisions). In the end of January, the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a ban against the smoking of tobacco products and the use of electronic cigarettes in casinos and bars.

Council member LaToya Cantrell announced her intentions to work towards the introduction of a smoking ban in the summer of 2014. New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu and health department director Charlotte Parent gave full support for the new initiative.

The first draft of the document was presented in November 2014. According to this first draft, smoking was to be banned in all places apart from existing cigar bars, outdoor areas, vape shops and smoking conventions.

A cigar bar is a public facility defined as a place that generates 10 percent or more of its income from cigar sales and humidor rentals. All other bars and the New Orleans casinos will be prohibited from allowing their customers to smoke indoors. Smoking will have to take place on the sidewalk in front of the venue,

The new ban will become effective 90 days after the New Orleans mayor gets to sign it.

The move towards a smoking ban in public venues started a long time ago. In 2002, Michael Bloomberg was the first one to consider such restrictions in indoor public places in New York. His suggestion was met with furious opposition and many predicted that it would have a negative impact on the work of cafés, bars, restaurants and nighttime entertainment venues.

New Orleans has been somewhat late with the introduction of the ban but it seems to be catching up with a national strategy that aims to drive smokers out of indoor public venues. Nearly 82 percent of the US residents live in a state where an active smoking ban has already been introduced, The New Orleans Advocate reports.

Smoking in restaurants, work places and various other kinds of indoor public venues has been illegal in New Orleans since 2007. Many nighttime entertainment venues and the local casinos, however, benefited from the lenient regulations in the state that permitted clients to remain inside and have a cigarette or a cigar.

Now that the ban has been introduced, this will no longer be the case. Violations will come with hefty fines, as well. According to the provisions, anyone smoking in a bar or a casino will have to pay a 100-dollar fine. The second offense fine will go up to 200 dollars.

The enforcement of the ban isn’t going to be among the duties of the police department. City council members modified this aspect of the original provision, saying that the local police officers have much more pressing issues to deal with. This is just one of the amendments made to the original and rather harsh draft proposed by Cantrell.

New Orleans experts have gone through serious debates about the effect of the ban on local businesses and the impact it’s going to have on the economy. According to critics, the ban will interfere with the business of bars and casinos. Supporters of the idea quote case studies according to which many bars have seen an increase in their business after introducing the smoking ban.

According to many studies, the introduction of smoke-free laws doesn’t have an adverse impact on businesses. In a couple of states, such bans have actually resulted in slightly better performance for some bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Louisiana Restaurant Association and the Louisiana Casino Association are two of the organizations that stand in strong opposition against the smoking ban suggested by city council member Cantrell. According to both of these organizations, the ban will decrease casino revenues significantly and have a negative impact on the New Orleans tourism industry.

According to a study quoted by the Louisiana Casino Association, the introduction of the smoking ban in Illinois contributed to a 20 percent decrease in casino revenue, which is approximately 400 million dollars.

On the other hand, Cantrell has quoted several cases that led to business and economic problems stemming from the lack of a public smoking ban in New Orleans. A total of 27 conventions have refused to come back to the city until a ban is enacted. According to local supporters of the idea, the new ban will bring individuals from nearby cities to New Orleans, giving them a chance to enjoy smoke-free casino and bar environment.

Only time will tell how the new smoking ban will affect the entertainment venues, bars and casinos of New Orleans. The city has simply joined a widespread trend that is becoming the norm in the United States. Many have already dismissed the argument that the ban will harm the ambiance and the culture of the city. With a population already accustomed to such restrictions, the impact of the ban is not expected to be significant or radical.

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An Outline Of The Most Revered And Best Selling Robusto Cigars

Robusto cigars are one of the most popular forms of cigar available on the market, and for good reason. Robusto cigars are great for the huge flavor and relatively quick smoke time, which means it can be enjoyed wherever one might find themselves. There are many offerings of Robusto cigars from all over the world, some of them excellent, some of them terrible. Hence, to truly understand which Robusto cigars will be the best for your next smoke, here is an outline of the most revered and best selling Robusto cigars of all time.

Robusto cigars have been renowned all over the world. These cigars are essentially the ‘perfect’ cigar as they can be smoked in around 45 minutes to one hour while having some of the strongest and complex flavors you will ever be able to find in a cigar. These cigars are mostly produced in Cuba as the tobacco found and grown in the Cuban climate are simply perfect for these types of cigars due to the strong flavor and variation found in the country. Robusto cigars a little bit shorter than other variations of cigars, but more than makes up for it in its delightful and bold flavors.

Romeo Y Julieta Robusto LE 2001 is certainly one of the best selling and most revered Robusto cigars available right now. The Romeo Y Julieta brand have been known for their amazing Robusto cigars that have been selling like crazy all across the globe. However, their limited edition 2001 edition of their ever-so-famous cigars have shown the world the talent behind the men and women behind these cigars. The cigar features a strong taste of burnt cocoa along with fresh spices intertwined beautiful aromas of burnt almonds and dark chocolates. This cigar is definitely a great introduction into the world of cigars for anyone new to cigars.

A unique and popular Robusto cigar that has been around for many decades now is the Dunhill Cabinetta. Dunhill of Cuba have been making some excpetional unique cigars which have been known for sporting fresh and refreshing tastes. The Dunhill Cabinetta is perhaps the best example of this, as it has a truly refreshing floral taste to its smoke. In addition, this Robusto cigar has a very complex edge of sweet honey to the cigar, which not many other cigars have ever displayed. Indeed, Dunhill Cabinetta Robusto cigars are truly a one of a kind cigar.

The H. Upmann Robustos have been selling consistently across the globe for many years now, and for good reason. These cigars are surprisingly much lighter in weight and taste than many other Robustos from Cuba, especially seeing as Robustos are known for their bold flavor. Hence, this makes the H. Upmann Robustos cigar unique right from the beginning. These cigars have a very unique and sweet aroma and a pleasant, yet delicate flavor. Moreover, these cigars smoke very consistently and allow for a light and pleasant smoking experience.

Por Larranaga Robustos De Lararnaga Robusto cigars sound as grand as the long-winded name. These cigars have a very earthy and majestic taste which is overpowering in a very good way to the person smoking it. Indeed, to match this beautifully overpowering flavor is overtones of brown and dark bread which is truly an unique flavor. These cigars truly do pack a punch and really shows the smoker just how many flavors can be packed into a 6 inch cigar.

The Punch Robusto is a great cigar that has been renowned all over the world. Punch is a very well known Cuban cigar brand that has a history which goes back well over one hundred years. Hence, with a brand that has such a prestigious history, you will be right in expecting in a truly exceptional cigar from a brand such as this. This cigar is truly beautiful and can be compared to that of some fine jewelry. The complex earthy flavors of this cigar along with a very special and unique sweetness makes this cigar very special and perfect to be enjoyed during times of celebration.

A relatively unknown, yet quite successful cigar coming right out of Cuba is the Vegas Robaina Marshall. You have probably never heard of these cigar before, as the production of these cigars is dwindling. With that being said, there was a time when Vegas Robaina Marshall Robusto cigars had quite a respectable amount of popularity. Even though the golden days of this cigar is over, these cigars are still just as amazing as they were a few decades ago. This cigar features a truly impeccable citrus flavor which is quite surprising considering it is a Cuban Robusto cigar. The fresh and bold citrus flavor mixed with roasted almonds in this cigar makes it a true classic.

As you can see from each and everyone of these best selling Robusto cigars, they all feature a very respectable range of flavors. It’s simply mesmerizing to see all of the variation in these Robusto cigars. With that being said, all of these best selling cigars are classic and impeccable in their own unique way. Indeed, each of these Robusto cigars will be a very respectable cigar to be smoking, considering their long history. Of course, these cigars will be quite costly compared to other cigars that on the market. However, it is without a doubt that these legendary cigars are well worth the money.

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Most people do not believe that the JoyeTech eVic is not more than a year old. Previous reviews that were done suggested that this new tech could be a game-changer. This was due to its connection with the Mac software, use of high quality electronics and OLED display. They also have a great body look too. Even after 15 months in the market the shiny and brushed steel of the eVic still remains very popular APV.

The JoyeTech have added another product to their slot which is more likely to be a game charger. This is a new super-APV, there have introduced the eVic Supreme. As the name suggest it is very amazing. Most people have enjoyed using the eVic Supreme and there are even making it the main APV. So as you read this article, I will not only describe how the eVic Supreme looks, but I will also include how it feels to use it.

The eVic Supreme is a product that should not only be viewed as a refurbished eVic but as a very new APV. The lines in the product are very fine and have finer details. When you look at the design, you will have the thought that this was done without regard for the cost incurred. Most of the eVic Supreme that has been viewed and reviewed have been said to have zero or very minimal physical flaws. Be it in appearance or symmetry. It also very true to say that every one that is produced looks like the other exactly.

The stainless steel used looks and feels like no other steel I have seen in any other product. It brings the rich-feeling with a more mature texture in it. The steel is neither shiny nor have the cheap look of chrome. It also does not have the feeling of a brushed steel, let us say they have their own kind of look altogether. The logo in laser etched on the steel, making the appearance very appealing to the eye. The eVic Supreme is also a bit taller than the previous eVic. This accommodates a larger display too.

The USB port in the eVic Supreme has a rubber port cover that is removable. They have improved the cover by not making it very fragile as in the other eVic. There was a problem with the cover, if it broke, the cover would not be used ever again. They have corrected this problem by making the cover removable. There only worry you have it to leave it somewhere and forget where you placed it.

The rubber cover is designed in a way not to sit on the head, this ensures that the user do not struggle releasing the cover to insert the USB cable. There is a fire button that the unit on and off. The new OLED display used is very sharp and a bit bigger hence can accommodate and display more information than the previous displays. The threads used in the end cap, produces a twist that is perfect in alignment and it is polished very well.

Just like the previous brands of eVic Supreme, it uses Mac or PC software. This offers a wild range of setting controls. This includes setting ability of 16-shade photography, that a user can upload directly using the software. Added software like MyVapors, can be downloaded from the company website. To access this special service you have to use your warrant card when it comes to the website. You have to scratch the hidden numbers, located at the back of the sticker.

The packaging of the eVic Supreme, is more or less inspired from Apple Computer. It consist of a thick and white box. Bellow the box there are more boxes used to hold USB cable and the wall adapter. There is a Sony battery that you have to use if you have to experience the maximum output of 30watts of power. It is also recommended that you equip yourself with another Sony battery when it comes to the eVic Supreme. Some of the batteries are rechargeable.
Most people have liked and enjoyed the many APVs. But most people have been most impressed by the new eVic Supreme, this is mostly due to the added feature of the Sigelei 20W.

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All About Perdomo Cigars – Why You Should Choose Them

If you have ever had an expensive cigar, one that really made you wonder why you had never smoked cigars before, you’re probably on the lookout for something else that can match the flavor and consistency of the one that brought you into the fold. Cigar smoking is a habit that can be a lifelong desire, motivated by not only the flavor of the cigars, but the nicotine hit that you are able to get smoking fine cigars that are produced all over the world. Most people try relatively inexpensive cigars when they first start out, not knowing what to expect. It is only when using expensive cigars that are hand rolled and made with the finest tobacco such as Perdomo cigars that you realize that you have finally found the best ones.

How Cigars Came Into Being

Cigars have been around for quite some time, though the type of tobacco that is used, and the way they were made, has dramatically changed over the centuries. Going back as far as travelers from Europe coming to Cuba and Central America, the natives were simply tying tobacco leaves together and smoking them throughout the day, helping them to relax. Since that time, tobacco lands have been grown all over the United States, Europe, and many other countries. They are made in a very specific way, at least the ones that are hand rolled, and depending upon the tobacco that is used, and how much time and effort goes into the manual manufacturing of cigars, it can mean the difference between a good experience and one that is outstanding.

The Construction Of A Cigar

Cigars are made in a couple of different stages, using a wide variety of tobacco. The outside of the cigar is called the wrapper, and is the most definable part of the cigar based upon the tobacco that is used, where the tobacco is from, and the color of the wrapper itself. In most cases, the outside wrapper is made of shade grown tobacco. Some of the finest in the world comes from Nicaragua and also the Eastern United States. Inside the cigar you’re going to find the binder and filler which will be made from Sun grown tobacco from many different sources, allowing the manufacturer to create a unique flavor and blend. Depending upon how tightly or loosely it is rolled, it can be very difficult or easy to inhale once lit, creating a unique experience with each cigar that is made.

Different Types Of Cigars

There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes that cigars come in, of which the parajo and figurado are the most popular. You have probably seen figure out is before, cigars that are not consistent in size or shape, coming in different forms including the Pyramid, Torpedo and the Perfecto. The parajo cigars are much more widespread, coming in many different shapes and sizes. Rothschild is very popular, as well as Ascot, Corona and Toro just to name a few. Of all of the available cigars that you could drive, there is one name that stands out amidst the rest. These cigars, Perdomo cigars, are the ones that you ought to try for the following reasons.

Perdomo Cigars

One of the more popular cigars that are smoked on a regular basis, and have quite a following worldwide, are Perdomo cigars. They come in many different flavors including mild, needy and and full, with wrappers made in Habano Maduro and Connecticut, priced between five dollars and $28 a cigar. The type of cigar that you get, and the price that you pay, will have a lot to do with the type of tobacco that is used. The most expensive, Perdomo Edicion de Silvio, uses a wrapper that combines tobacco from Ecuador and Connecticut, with filler tobacco from Nicaragua. People that have tried the cigars keep coming back for more, primarily because of the taste and consistency. If you have been looking to try a premium cigar, and you have not been able to find one to your liking, Perdomo Cigars are the ones that you should switch over to, or at the very least, try if it is your very first time.

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The current World is affected by the cigar craze whereby every person who is someone in the community, smokes cigars. They are commonly used as a show of status and pride. The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars are not any different having being ranked and viewed as a high end brand of cigars. They are designed to commemorate Rocky Patel’s tenth anniversary following its entrance in the cigar industry.

They feature a nicely finished Sumatra paper wrapper. Rocky Patel cigars are renowned for their top notch blends but the Rocky Patel Decade Cigar beat the whole lot as the best and finest blend yet. The Rocky Patel Decade Cigar is an extraordinary stogie with a fine, rich and executive flavour. This cigar is a demonstration of the advancement of Rocky cigars. Its compelling offset plus the unique taste is a testimony to always tell.

The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars as an overlook have the vitola as robusto. Its average ring gauge is fifty with a length of five. The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars also has its wrapper origination fro, Ecuador and the binder being Honduran. The filler is basically from Nicaragua. Overall, the cigar’s point of origin is Honduras. The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars come in other three different measurements.

The Toro brand’s ring gauge is fifty two with a length of six point five. Lonsdale brand’s ring gauge is forty four with a length of six point five. The torpedo brand’s ring gauge is fifty two with a length of six point five.

On Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year it, was given a rating of 95 plus it also got listed among the twenty five top cigars. In the ranking, it was praised for its oil, the rich filled smoke, the black cherry scent and completed with a touch of elegance when it comes to the finishing. The balance was also in no doubt.

Rocky Patel has an outstanding reputation when it comes to cigars following his keen attention to detail and quality standards to ensure only the outstanding products hit the market. This also applies when it comes to Rocky Patel Decade Cigars since no mediocre products are registered on the market. Compromise has no room when it comes to Rocky Patel Decade Cigars. The making and the finishing is off the roof.

The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars are smooth with no flaws when it comes to it exterior. The whole stick is full with tobacco well stuffed plus the colour is consistent all through. The polishing is off the hook. These cigars also light up with ease and have a huge content of smoke accompanying it. This is as expected and desired.

The puffs are savoury to the user which always leave a tasty after taste that makes one want more and more till the package of twenty is all smoked off. The finish of each and every cigar has a distinct flavour that tends to wipe off and replace the initial flavours of the cigar. During the puffing, there are leather flavours distinctly plus a touch of woody tones.

The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars also claim an average rate of burning with the burn line being considerably thin and even to ensure each moment is savoured. Just as any other burn, there is production of ash which is white in colour but in this case, it tends to appear in a certain pattern like a stacking of some sort. These patterns appeal to the eye for their uniqueness.

The third part of the Rocky Patel Decade Cigars are marked using a well printed band which, when removed, offers access to the final bit of the cigar. As the smoking proceeds, the wood tone and the leather flavours become stronger and richer having a more apparent presence. The delicious aftertaste is still present but not as effective as in the beginning.

When puffing, the thick smoke fills the room leaving it with a good aroma. In the third base of the cigar, the nuts flavour starts to kick in alongside the other flavours. This makes it even more desirable and gives one a temptation to smoke another. On rare occasions, stems may be found inside the cigars. This makes them bitter but can be pulled out when spotted to remain with the savoury flavours.

The Rocky Patel Decade Cigars retail at different prices. The Emperor brand sells at around 255 dollars per box of 20. The Forty six Corona brand retails at 175 dollars per box of 20 cigars. The Lonsdale Panatela and the Robusto brand sells at about 195 dollars per box of 20 whereas the Toro brand sells at around 215 dollars per box of 20. The Torpedo sells at around 255 dollars per box of 20.

As an overview, the Rocky Patel Decade Cigars are desirable given their price range.

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An Overview Of Cigar Afficionado’s Best Cigars Of 2014

If you have been thinking about trying new cigars, or you have never tried a cigar before in your entire life, you are probably doing a little bit of research on the web trying to locate information on the best ones to use that are available today. There are several different brands that are available including Rocky Patel’s, Zino Davidoff cigars and Afficionados. This article will address Afficionado’s best cigars by 2014, ones that you should definitely try based upon the reputation and how smooth they actually are, making them one of the most popular cigars in the world today.

A Little Background On Cigars

The origins of cigars are thought to be something that originated in Central America. Both the Inca and Aztec cultures used tobacco, rolling them in bundles together, smoking them throughout the day. In the same way that coca leaves were used throughout South America as a way of sustaining a person so that they could work longer hours, cigars were used as a form of relaxation due to the nicotine that has been scientifically shown to calm the central nervous system. As time progressed, and tobacco plants were taken to Europe and North America, they are grown commercially and sold as cigarettes and cigars. Today, there are quite a variety of different cigars that are available, all of which are made in a very similar way.

How Tobacco Is Actually Processed

A cigar is something that takes quite a bit of time to make, something that automated machines have tried to replicate, but they are always substandard. Hand rolled cigars take quite a bit of time and expertise to make, but the end result is always going to be far better. There is a curing process that must be done, taking anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. After that point, fermentation occurs as the leaf dries slowly, and are used before rotting or disintegration actually occurs. It is this fermentation period that allows cigars to have their unique aroma and flavor, something that is highly coveted around the world. Different crops grown in different regions, and in different ways, gives us the cigars that we have today.

Rolling A Cigar

A cigar can easily be rolled using a specific process which includes the use of the wrapper, the binder and filler. The wrapper is the outside of the cigar, usually made from shade grown tobacco which allows it to grow differently than tobacco that is exposed directly to sunlight. This is where most of the flavor comes, and the texture and color that you see, indicative of cigars that are sold today. The wrapper inside is a leaf of tobacco, and within that is the bulk of the cigar itself which is called filler, usually an assortment of different types of tobacco, primarily that which is some grown. Depending upon how tightly it is rolled, the cigar will either burn very slowly, or very quickly, so it takes a great deal of expertise in order to do this properly to create the best cigars that are available today. One of the best cigars are Afficionados. Let’s take a look at what Afficionado’s Best Cigars Of 2014 actually were.

Afficionado’s Best Cigars Of 2014

Afficionado is one of the more popular cigars in the world today, priced on average from one dollar all the way up to $12 a cigar. The quality of the cigars are very good across the board, with Cohiba Red Dot being at the bottom of the price range, all the way up to Ashton VSG being one of their top selling and best cigars available. Other notable cigars include La Aurora Preferidos and Alec Bradley Black. If you are looking for a company that has been producing quality cigars for decades, you should certainly consider using Afficionado cigars this year.

Now that you have some background on what Afficionado’s best cigars actually are, and what you can expect, you should certainly consider trying out a couple of their different cigars, at all of the affordable price ranges, to truly experience the quality of the tobacco, and the expertise that is used in rolling the cigars, allowing you to have the best possible cigar smoking experience.

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